Tips For New Website Builders

Do you have a website in mind that you want to build and that is going to set the world on fire (not to mention your bank account)? Prior to building it, there are a few important things to take into consideration that will help get your site listed on page one of some of the popular search engines.

By following these SEO tips for you, you will be giving yourself a much better chance and put you much closer than 75% of the other websites that are simply put up on the internet without any planning at all. So, before you create your site, plan it out.

Here are a few SEO tips for you to gain superiority over a lot of the others

SEO Tip #1. Finding a niche by doing keyword research and narrowing down your main, broad keyword to one that is more targeted and more relevant to what your site will be about. Here’s an example: If your main subject and broad keyword is basket weaving for instance, that’s a very broad keyword with a lot of search results and is very competitive. However, if you were to chose something like “basket weaving instructions” or “learning basic basket weaving” this will cut the competition down dramatically and it also contains the main keyword “basket weaving”.

SEO Tip #2. Once you settle on a specific keyword phrase, choose a domain name using those specific keywords. As in our example above, you could choose Finding the right keyword and selecting a domain name shouldn’t be done too quickly. Taking your time here will make a huge difference in the long run.

SEO Tip #3. Once you’ve chosen a broad keyword, go to the Google Keyword Research Tool and type it in there to get keyword suggestions that are less competitive. Make sure that the keyword phrase you select has over 100 searches a month. Next, take the keyword phrase that you’ve selected and type into google search with quotation marks to see how competitive it is. The results should be under 10,000. If they are higher, then go back to the keyword research tool and try another phrase. This type of research is very time consuming, typing in hundreds of keywords just to see what the results are. Another viable alternative is to get a good keyword tool that will automate the process and get your statistics for you almost instantly.

SEO Tip #4. Now that you have your site built with your keyword domain, its time to optimize it with a title, description and keywords. adding your title is very easy and should contain your main keyword in it and be short. The meta description should also contain your main keyword once or twice and be a short description of the site itself. The meta keywords should, of course contain your main keyword plus other closely related keywords that you found using the Google Keyword Research Tool.

SEO Tip #5. In the body text of your site, use your main keyword phrase near the top of the text on the page and near the end of the page a few times.The rule of thumb here is to not over use it but to only have it be between 3% and 5% of the total text on the front page of your website. This will give your page visitor a good first impression and make the search engine spiders happy too.